Novell IdM in the Cloud

I’ll have to look into this further, but it looks like Novell are providing some toolkits to embed identity and access management into internally developed web apps and for those companies building cloud computing apps.

The upcoming Novell Identity Manager 4 will add the new ability for IT managers embed identity management and other security features into both Web-hosted and virtualized apps, Novell CEO Ron Hovsepian said in an interview last week.

Novell Identity Manager 4 will arrive by the middle of next year. That will work closely with Novell Cloud Security Service, also due in 2010, in order to extend identity and security policies onto apps and data hosted in the cloud.

Not sure if they can really be considered the first to provide these products since Microsoft has had Geneva (now Windows Identity Foundation – WIF) for a while, as well as the multitude of open source IdM toolkits available.

Network world has some good coverage of Microsoft’s WIF announcement.

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