Single Signon: Oracle buys Passlogix

Oracle finally announced yesterday they are purchasing single signon vendor Passlogix. Passlogix provides one of the most widely deployed and mature enterprise single signon platforms around. You might have read a little bias into that line –  last year I evaluated Passlogix against IBM and other solutions on the market and ended up architecting a solution on the technology.

Oracle has up until now OEM’d the Passlogix v-Go suite to complement their existing identity management platforms. This arrangement is not unique – Passlogix has OEM’d to a number of big vendors in the past including

And most notably IBM for TAM-ESSO 6 … well right up until IBM’s acquisition of Singapore based Encentuate in 2008.

Passlogix, like other eSSO solutions,  remembers credentials post-authentication, saving them into the user’s “wallet”. The “wallet” is an encrypted collection of credentials stored either locally or in an external repository such as an LDAP directory. Passlogix replays these credentials, authenticating on behalf of the user and creating the magic effect of single signon.

The Passlogix suite also integrates into provisioning engines such as Oracle Identity Manager for the pre-provisioning of credentials into the user’s “wallet”, further simplifying the process for the user.

Bringing it back to Australia, local security integrator 443 became a reseller of the Passlogix technology suite in September 2009 and Passlogix v-Go is EAL3 certified by the Australian Defence Signals Directorate (DSD). I can’t share, but I know of a number of organisations in Melbourne who have either deployed Passlogix or are in the process of evaluating it.

Congratulations to all the guys at Passlogix – I hope you had equity! 

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