Citizen Identity Services – DVS Coverage

Over the last two days there’s been a flurry (read 2) articles on the Australian Federal Governmen’s Document Verification Service (DVS) and expected uptake and use of the service within the private sector.

Like with many Government services, there are both those in favour and against its implementation. The key concerns revolve around privacy of this centralised identity information and lack of engagement with the public in the development of this service.

This is offset in the discussion against increased convenience for the private sector who are ooften required to verify the identities of end users and, to date, there has been no common standard or approach to do this.

The first article, predominantly discussion the concers of the DVS is here:,the-australian-governments-identity-catch-all.aspx

And following on, is this article describing the benefits:,feds-try-to-elevate-social-log-on-for-payments-e-services.aspx








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