Mass user account migration for Australian unis

Migrations of user across platforms or apps are always a challenge, let alone when there are a massive number of accounts to cater for. Microsoft are shifting Millions of university student user accounts from live@edu to Office365 in July.”Microsoft is in the midst of a mass transition of students off its Live@edu email service which will see millions of Australian users migrated to Office 365.

In June 2012, Microsoft announced the launch of Office 365 for Education and the retiring of Live@edu services. The migration project has rolled out around universities and colleges the world over in recent months, with the bulk of activity in Australian institutions reserved for this month.

The University of Technology Sydney, Curtin University, Victoria University, Flinders University, Sydney University, the University of Wollongong and the University of NSW have either recently undergone or are preparing for the Office 365 upgrade.

The free Live@edu service offered Outlook Live, Office Web Apps, Windows Live Messenger and SkyDrive storage and was used by a large number of universities and TAFEs across Australia for student and staff accounts.”

Considering there isn’t much of July left, God speed and good luck!

Read the full article coverage here:,australian-unis-in-mass-microsoft-email-migration.aspx

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