Pets’ names and partners’ names remain top password choices, says Google

One in six adults use the name of a pet as the basis of their password, according to a new survey commissioned by Google. Two-thirds of adults use the name of a partner – and half of adults admit to writing down passwords to help remember them.
The word “password” also remained popular – with 3% of users still employing it.
One in ten of those who answered the British survey claimed to have been able to guess a colleague’s password in order to access their computer – possibly helped by the fact that 3% of those surveyed write down passwords on a Post-It note on their desks.
The survey, of 2,000 adults, was conducted on behalf of Google Apps, and found that wedding anniversaries, birthdays and children’s names were also common. More than two-thirds (67%) of those surveyed used a partner’s name, and a fifth (19%) continued to use an ex-partners name.

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