Interview with Atlassian Crowd IDM Dev Lead

Many readers will be familiar with Crowd as an identity management tool. But can you tell us a little more about Crowd, like the upcoming Crowd Data Center release?
Many of you may be surprised but Crowd is one of Atlassian’s oldest products. It was first released as a part of the Atlassian suite in January 2007 and ever since has been providing customers with identity management for the entire Atlassian suite of self-hosted products.
First and foremost, Crowd centralizes user and identity management allowing you to manage users and control application permissions from multiple directories such as Active Directory, LDAP, and Crowd via a single admin console. You have the flexibility to manage users and group memberships without having to do so in your LDAP directory and you can add an extra layer of group memberships on top of the groups that come from your remote directories to further define authorization permissions. Crowd simplifies user management and improves the onboarding process of team members because you don’t have to reach out to your IT department or the department responsible for user directory management within your company for assistance.
Crowd often serves a mission critical role for many Atlassian customers because it serves as a single source of truth for users and groups, handling a wide stream of authentication requests. Because of this, we recently invested in the development of Crowd Data Center to provide our customers with high availability to ensure that unplanned downtime won’t impact the productivity and performance of your teams.

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Inside Atlassian: An interview with Crowd Development Lead, Marcin Kempa

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